can i just have an angry, personal moment please. ok. thanks.

i have a friend. and she’s lovely. she’s a vegetarian. she likes to cook.

and here the problems begin.

when i used to eat meat, i was a good cook but kinda left it up to her, let her bring cakes/etc to gatherings and shit because she liked it. which is all very well and good. now i am a vegan and by far and away the best cook i know, sorry but there’s not point in false modesty. but you know, it’s nice to have things cooked for you. i love to have people cook for me. i really think thinking about a person and cooking something you know they’ll love because you want to show them how much you care, i think that’s wonderful. sharing a meal is, for me, one of the truest expressions of companionship.

so. she’s a vegetarian. and she cooks. and bakes. and never takes me into account. and i don’t mind, it’s like ok i’ll just be a little left out of the food part, whatevz, i’m not that hungry. but she acts all offended when i refuse her food. i’m like PLEASE, MILK AND EGGS. why does she continue to offer me food when you knows i’m going to say no? she wouldn’t eat a steak if someone offered her one over and over, why does she think it’s different for me?

doesn’t make it much better when i bake and she bakes, people ask ‘oh, which is the vegan one’ and take the one that’s pointed out to them as being the ‘normal’ one. it just frustrates me. it actually really upsets me. the group would never just bring meat based food if she was going to a gathering, why the fuck am i not extended the same courtesy. i don’t want to be treated differently or special and i don’t want to get in the way and i don’t want to cause a fuss, but. you of all people should know what this is like. no i don’t want cake. yes i do feel left out.

i think that’s what annoys me. fucking vegetarians and their double standards.